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Dr. Lonnele Ball Ph.D.

Dr. Harlan South M.D.



My father recently presented with bilateral thyroid nodules and within 24 hours of contacting Dr. Ball she had connected me with leading experts in the field whom subsequently confirmed Dr. Ball's suspicions that my father had benign disease. Happily, my father is successfully being treated at the Mayo Clinic and we are all looking very forward to moving on from this distressing event. To summarize, Dr. Ball is responsive, empathic and highly connected in the fields of Endocrinology and Oncology. Moreover, my family is beyond grateful for her guidance in navigating such a positive outcome for my father.


"Dr. Ball is the only practitioner I have ever worked with that truly looked at my data ( my genomics, metabolomics, diagnostics etc.,) and offered a personalized protocol for my individual physiology.  As a result, for the first time in over a decade I am sleeping through the night without medication, my energy level is higher than it has ever been and I am having the sex of my life."  


Dr. South is a wonderful Doctor, great listening skills, fantastic diagnostic technician and a true professional. His staff is off the chart as far as efficiency along with individual personalities that make this facility one of a kind. Special kudos to his front desk staff, his wonderful Phlebotomist (painless) and last but not least his nurse Rhonne. All top notch beyond words.

I had my new patient appointment with Dr South this morning and I couldn't find fault with anything. Dr South asked the right questions, listened to my complaints, recommended the correct testing, great bed-side manner and kind. Office was spotless, staff awesome and free parking, what else can you ask for! I was very pleased with the whole process and would give Dr. South and his staff a very satisfied thumbs-up!

Margaret C.

Julie D 65 yoa






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