Dr. Harlan South, M.D.

Dr. Harlan South serves as Medical Director and Co-Founder at Institute for Predictive

Medicine & Longevity where he leverages conventional medicine and integrative medicine to provide whole-person care. Dr. South provides a personalized health evaluation and customized treatments for each patient’s unique conditions.

Dr. South has been practicing medicine for over 17 years. He received his medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia and subsequently completed his Internal Medicine residency in 1999. He then practiced as an outpatient internist in Atlanta, Georgia where he incorporated innovative and preventive protocols to enhance the patient experience. These protocols included advanced cholesterol laboratory testing, proactive supplementation through bio-identical hormones, and a DNA-based weight-loss evaluation.


Dr. South moved to San Francisco January 2017 to fully practice integrative medicine. He incorporates cognitive lifestyle changes, dietary health, appropriate hormone replacement therapy and supplements to compliment his traditional medicine practice. Outside of the office, Dr. South enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. His hobbies include aviation, traveling, reading, and being physically active.