Stress Management

Everyone deals with stress at times. But it your stress levels are high more often
than not, it could be causing significant physical and emotional health concerns.
Before you stress out over that thought, consider making an appointment at the
Institute for Predictive Medicine & Longevity in the Pacific Heights neighborhood
of San Francisco. The Institute’s team of specialists can help you identify key sources
of stress in your life and coach you through behavioral strategies that not only

reduce the impact of these stressors but also raise your own vibrational frequency
through daily self-care.


What is stress?

Stress is actually a normal psychological and physical reaction to life’s demands. A
little stress can be a good thing. It can keep you motivated to meet an upcoming
project deadline or remind you to grab fresh flowers for an important dinner date.
Unfortunately, if you allow it, stress can wind its way throughout your day. Sitting in
traffic, arriving late for a meeting, or thinking about next month’s mortgage payment
can push your stress levels beyond your body’s ability to cope.

How Does stress affect my physical health?

Stress begins in your brain which has a security alarm that’s designed to protect you
from danger. When your brain thinks you’re facing a threat, it signals your body to
release an extra dose of powerful hormones that increase your heart rate, raise your
blood pressure, and create other stress-related responses to danger.

This is the so-called "fight-or-flight" response that gives you an extra physiological
and psychological edge to help you deal with what your brain perceives as a threat.
It’s what helps you steer through a skid on the highway without thinking or pause
and back away when you spy a hornet’s nest during your Saturday afternoon stroll.  

Once you’ve made it safely through the skid or left the hornet’s nest behind, your
brain calms down and your body returns to a relaxed state. But when traffic delays,
paying bills, or getting ready for a date become perceived threats to your life, your
brain’s alarm system continues to sound. Stress may start in your brain, but the
powerful substances it sends throughout your body can cause real physical harm if
they never shut down.

Mismanaged stress can:

  • Increase your risk of developing heart disease, cancer, and other serious

               medical conditions

  • Cause chronic inflammation, which also leads to serious medical concerns

  • Result in anxiety, depression, and other debilitating emotional issues

  • Deprive you of sleep, which also causes physical issues

How can stress management help?

Dr. Ball creates a personalized stress management plan that’s tailored to your
needs. It’s designed to teach you how to change your thoughts about perceived
danger. She may recommend relaxation activities such as yoga, improvements in
your nutrition to keep your body functioning at its best, and meditation to help you sleep.
For a customized stress management plan that puts you back in charge of your life,
call Dr. Ball today for an appointment.