Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Dr. Lonnele Ball and her team of experts have spent decades developing and
implementing an individualized Intelligent Nutrition Protocol which harnesses state-
of-the-art diagnostics and artificial intelligence to precisely formulate a
comprehensive, personalized nutrition plan providing exactly what your body needs
to support your cognitive, immune, endocrine, metabolic & cardio-vascular health.
This protocol includes menu planning, supplements, nutritional IV therapy as well as
customized weight loss and weight management programs depending on individual
patient needs.


Why is nutrition so important
to good health?

The foods you consume and the nutrients they provide influence your growth,
development, cognitive abilities, and overall health.  
Optimal nutrition also helps prevent major health concerns such as:

  • Heart disease

  • Cancer

  • Stroke

  • Diabetes

  • Obesity


If you’ve already been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, appropriate
nutrition helps your body overcome the negative physical and emotional impact of
the disease.

What kind of diet do I need?

Many “diets” focus on specific goals such as weight loss or reducing your
cholesterol. The health professionals at the Institute for Predictive Medicine &
Longevity focus instead on creating a comprehensive, personalized nutrition plan
that considers all factors of your overall health, including weight loss and weight

These professionals also understand that restrictive diets featuring tasteless foods
can set you up for failure. An overly-restrictive diets can also make it difficult to
participate in enjoyable events where food is often the star, such as birthdays,
neighborhood barbeques, or new restaurant openings.

To develop your personalized nutrition plan, the team at the Institute for Predictive
Medicine & Longevity first evaluates your current status and then creates a strategy
that keeps you satisfied and energized rather than feeling isolated and lonely.
Your plan may include an initial detox or supplements to support your endocrine
health, but you can otherwise expect a balanced diet that’s easy to follow with plenty

of education and ongoing, support from your nutrition team. They even provide
wearable sensors to closely monitor your changing nutritional requirements.

What are wearable sensors?

The comfortable, wearable sensors used by the institute transmit continuous data
streams that are all about you and your health.
The sensors track items such as your:

  • Temperature

  • Sleep quality and activity level

  • Blood pressure and heart health

  • Blood oxygenation, blood glucose, and blood alcohol

  • Hormone levels, cycle tracking

The data obtained from the sensor is stored in your personal data cloud and allows
your physicians and wellness coaches to monitor your health in real-time. This
means your nutrition team can reach out immediately and make recommendations
that help you effectively maintain “healthy” nutrition when you’re ill, exercising more
strenuously than usual, or otherwise experiencing stress that changes your
nutritional requirements.