Wellness & Life Coach

Getting healthy and decreasing your risks of developing a serious disease is always a good
idea. But knowing where, how, and when to start can overwhelm even the most ardent risk
management fan. The Institute’s Genomics Team and certified Wellness/Life Coaches can
help relieve your confusion about what’s healthy and get you moving along the right path.
Dr. Ball leads the team at the Institute for Predictive Medicine & Longevity in the lovely
Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Call the office today for your appointment.


What is a Wellness Coach?

Operating on the cutting edge of modern concierge medicine, a wellness or life
coach is professionally trained to help you accomplish health and optimal well-being
through hormone optimization, nutrition, detoxification, oxygenation and stress
reduction. The Institute’s coaching team includes board certified genetic counselors,
psychologists, nutritionists and licensed wellness/life coaches. Every Coach is
backed by a team of physicians and healthcare professionals who are dedicated
to helping you achieve your goals.

How can a wellness coach help?

Like any great coach, the coaches at the Institute are interested in developing a
long-term relationship with you by becoming a partner in your journey toward optimal
health. Every team member is an expert at helping their clients change their
behavior and form healthy habits that last. They also understand that each individual
is unique, and what works for others may not be your best option. The coaching
team helps you develop an individualized action plan that may include:

  • Guidance for meal planning

  • Creating a fitness plan that you enjoy rather than one you simply sweat through

  • Developing shopping lists for nutritious and healthy recipes that include your

               favorite foods

  • Recommending technology that will help you reach your goals, such as

               diagnostic studies to examine your genetic risk factors for disease

  • Information and expert recommendations regarding new supplements or diet

               plans that may or may not benefit your health

Data scientists works closely with your coach to analyze your data real-time,
formulate next steps to keep you on track and ensure ongoing support that includes
holding you accountable for your choices. The hands-on approach and professional
background also equip the coaching team and their clients with invaluable
connections to other specialists in the Bay Area when necessary.

What about health screening?

Dr. Ball works closely with your medical team and may recommend specific lab tests
that help measure your current health status. She also has a team of clinicians and
researchers at her disposal that are experts at analyzing your diagnostics, biometrics
and scheduling follow-up appointments with your healthcare provider.