Heart Health & Cardiology

Dr. Lonnele Ball and her team at the Institute for Predictive Medicine & Longevity
use advanced analytical data and technology to identify factors that put your heart
health at risk long before you show any signs of disease. They can also apply their
pioneering knowledge, experience, and predictive sensor technology to alert you,

your physicians, and emergency services of a potential cardiovascular event in real-
time -- before a heart attack actually occurs. Whether you live in San Francisco or
across the globe, your data will be monitored and analyzed real-time.

How can you predict a heart attack?

The institute provides wearable sensors that are designed to blend with your
wardrobe and are comfortable enough to wear throughout your day. These sensors
continuously measure your cardiovascular biometrics, including your heart rate
variability, pulse, and blood pressure and blood oxygenation.

The data from your sensors can stream in real-time to the institute where data
scientists continuously monitor the information in tandem with advanced artificial
intelligence to predict your risk of a cardiovascular event. The institute experts also
team up with leading cardiac physicians in the Bay Area who can tailor your care
moment by moment.   

If your biometric readings signal an alarm, your cardiac team immediately reaches
out to you and your cardiac specialist to proactively prevent an oncoming event.

They are also ready to inform emergency services when necessary to provide you
the best and most immediate care available.

How do you manage Heart disease risks?

The team at the Institute for Predictive Medicine & Longevity partners with you to
tailor a treatment plan that fits your specific needs. You may need a referral to a
cardiac specialist, for instance, and they'll act as liaison to set that appointment up.
The team can also design personalized nutrition and stress management plans that
can help reduce known heart health risk factors such as chronic inflammation,
excess weight, and risky dietary habits. You may be a candidate for low-level light
therapy or another innovative treatment to help increase your body's natural ability
to heal.
Take the first step in effectively managing your heart health by calling today for an